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Many people appear to be mentally ill but are actually physically unfit. There are many reasons for this. But the key to keeping yourself fit healthy is discipline. And only if you can follow it, many problems can be solved.

Being physically healthy does not mean being fit. The concept of physical fitness is more comprehensive. If you feel physically fit, you can quickly compare the following points to see how physically fit you are!

• Can bear the pain of hunger in silence?
• Do you see darkness in your eyes when you are hungry?
• Do you get upset if you don’t eat on time?

Being able to bear the pain of hunger is a superhuman quality! But with a little effort, anyone can master this quality. Fasting can be an effective training in this case. Fasting one or two days a week will keep you physically and mentally fit and energized; Increase physical fitness.

Do you get sick if you spend a couple of nights without sleep?

For good health there is no substitute for going to bed early and waking up early. However, this rule may be deviated for one or two days due to reasonable reasons. Like staying up late during exams or working late into the night for professional reasons.

If you spend a couple of sleepless nights like this and your body feels sore the next few days, then you need to focus on increasing your fitness!

For this it is necessary to make the body as a shock absorber. That is, taking the physical fitness to a level where unexpected things like waking up at night will not have any negative effect on the body.

How long can you work continuously?

An important criterion of physical fitness is the ability to work continuously without fatigue. If you review the lifestyles of successful people, you will see that none of them had a nine-to-five working day. Rather, they have always been one step ahead of the clock!

In this case, it can be said about APJ Abdul Kalam, the famous scientist of India’s missile man and the eleventh head of state. He used to work continuously for 18 hours a day without sleeping.

During his university studies, his project director once threatened him that his scholarship would be canceled if he did not complete the project within three days! Abdul Kalam forgot to eat and drink for three consecutive days to set up that project. Took only one hour break a day. Finally he succeeded, the scholarship is also upheld!

Do you often feel tired or sleepy?

Often feeling tired or sleepy is the number one sign of being physically unfit! And one of the reasons for this is lack of deep sleep at night and wrong eating habits.
Keeping our eyes on the smartphone, TV, computer screen at night disrupts our adequate sleep. Because, the blue light emitted from these electronic devices prevents deep sleep.

On the other hand, eating too much sugar and sugary foods disrupts sleep. This is because sugary foods inhibit the production of orexin in the brain. Orexin helps us stay alert. So consuming too much sugar always makes you feel sleepy and tired.

Are you sick often?

Six months of the year, fever, cold, cough, the number of people suffering from stomach disease is not less! If the body’s immune system is weak, there is a tendency to get sick very little. And weak immunity is a big indicator of lack of physical fitness.

According to experts, if a person catches cold three times a year and takes longer than usual to recover, then his immunity is quite weak.

On the other hand, according to the information of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, if someone needs to take antibiotics twice a year or if a minor bacterial infection becomes serious, it should be assumed that he is suffering from a weak immune system. You have matched your condition with the above criteria. Now review your fitness. Congratulations if you fit right in!

Final Word

And if not, there is nothing to worry about! Physical fitness can be easily increased through scientific diet, health care, meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.

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